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Urgent Call to Jarek Purchla, UNESCO World Heritage Committee

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Aktualisiert: 16. Dez 2019

On 6th of July 2017, 18:47 my urgent call to the Chairperson of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee Jarek Purchla, who will have to decide on the World Cultural Site of Hebron, including the burial site of my father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob tomorrow on 7.7.17, went out to several key individuals in the UNESCO Organisation.


Lazare Eloundou Assomo – Deputy Director – World Heritage Centre (CLT/HER/WHC)

Laurence Duwyn-Estrade – SENIOR ASSISTANT


Further below is the letter to Mr. Purchla, available for anybody, but especially for those, who have a familiar interest and lawful property rights as descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jakob – regardless where they live, what nationality they have or what they believe. Everybody who currently wonders, how it can be, that the Machpela Cave shall become an Palestinian Heritage site is asked to back up Ephraim’s claim to the Grave of his Fathers. Millions of reawakened Israelites and the Jewish people in the Land of Israel have to stand up now and join forces for the sake of our inheritance, given by God Almighty to the children of Israel.

Besides the personal believe of countless millions of Christians in the New Testament Jesus, the legal rights and claims to the grave of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, are solely determined with the Torah of Moses and the Prophets, who clearly say, that Ephraim is the firstborn son of God – the human descendants from Jacob and Rachel’s son Joseph – in Jeremiah 31.9 the God of Israel says:

I am Israel’s father, and Ephraim is my firstborn son.

These prominent individuals guarantee the Human Rights of Ephraim, trust in ONE God and swear by the Word of God – The God of Israel

US President Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister and President on 23.5.2017

Obama, Merkel, Bedford-Strohm on Christ Ascension Day 25.5.2017 – 50th Birthday of Jerusalem and Ephraim.

“Thou shall not swear falsely” –  “Sollst nicht falsch Schwören” 

Danny Dalon am 23.12.2016 in der UN als Reaktion zur Resolution 2334 – Die Torah ist gültig. 

Since Vatican II – The Jewish People and Rome wait for the same person – Ephraim

Stellvertreter Gottes auf Erden am 25.5.2014 auf dem Tempelberg. // Anti-Christ and False Prophet on the Temple Mount – 47th birthday of Ephraim – Europe votes.

Jews and Christians wait for one Human who can confirm the scriptures – Ephraim.

According to Daniel and Revelation, Ephraim will receive the oversight over the Church. Papst Franziskus hat am Montag (06.02.2017) Spitzenvertreter der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland (EKD) im Vatikan empfangen. (Foto: der EKD-Ratsvorsitzende, Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, ueberreicht dem Papst ein Luther-Bibel in der neuen Uebersetzung) Im Mittelpunkt des Treffens stand das 500. Reformationsjubilaeum im laufenden Jahr. Der EKD-Ratsvorsitzende, Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, hat in seiner Rede vor Papst Franziskus den Wunsch nach einem gemeinsamen Abendmahl von Katholiken und Protestanten bekraeftigt. (Siehe epd-Meldung vom 06.02.2017)

25.3.2017 – 60 years “Roman Contract” forming the EU. All national chiefs submit to the Anti-Christ, who waits for the real heir to solve the Jerusalem Question – Ephraim. 

24.12.2011 – the representation of 2,55 billion Christians in Jerusalem rejected Ephraim, while he laid the foundation in Zion between 1996 – 2007. Ephraim is since the Holy Sacrament of Baptism on 21.10.1967 registered member of the Lutheran Church in Germany.

Here is the letter to Mr. PurchlaJacekPurchla Unesco

Please help to share the message, bring the Ephraim story to the press and support Ephraim and the EPHI-Zentrum in Iserlohn in any capacity you can.

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