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For years I own the Domain Torah-Club.com, but for the same time the domain is off-line, as I was hoping to revive my original Domain Torah.de, still owned by some domain grabber who wants now close to 5.000 Euro.

Although I offered Boaz Michael from First Fruits of Zion the domain years ago, he didn’t accept – lucky me – and hosts his Torah Club on His FFOZ.org Domain.

Just the other day, I left a message to le Boaz Michael know, that the firstborn from the dead is not the Jew Jesus, but Ephraim, the son of Josef (Jeremiah 31.9) in real life Ulf Diebel, who sat with him in Jerusalem to create his very first publications on King George.

While I was looking up the contacts for Ray and Sharon Sanders from Christian Friends of Israel, I found this excellent teaching from Boaz for the 30th Anniversary of CFI.

Boaz became the first Jew, who taught US Christians the Torah and explained in detail the Jewishness of Jesus.

Next to the traditional Churches, countless Christian Ministries started up in Jerusalem over the last 51 years, while I started a business.

Started in 1998, in 2019 Israel Monthly Publication Ltd celebrates 21 years of existence and sparked off dozens of ventures in Jerusalem, the United States and other nations.

The Upload of Boaz Michaels presentation happened in July 2015, right after I officially declared Ephraim as Priest of the Order of Melchizedek 25.5.15 in Berlin.

Just on January 14 2019, this article about the Christian Media Summit from October 2018, was posted by the International Christian Embassy

The Truth Shall set you free

If you are in Jerusalem, just ask these guys…

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