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Since 25.5.2015 Ulf Diebel operates under the New Name „Ephraim Priest Of the order of Melchizedek“ according to GG Art. 4, 9 & 140 and asked for a Solution to the Jerusalem Question and the Jesus Christ Question for Christ Ascention Day 25.5.2017

On 29.3.2018 a full set of work went to the State Prosecutor for a final verdict of three years work and 20 years of Live as Israelite

Since 1.5.2017 a NewDeal is offered on  by 25.5.2018, Ephraim is 3 years old, fully legal and will use Copyright and International Trade Law in connection with the NEw Data Protectionlaw of going into effect on my 51. 25.5.2018

Michael Jay Solomon is Director of the Board of DreamStream since 2007, who was informed before 20.3.2015 and given full report on 20.2.2018

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